Girls only training day at Burton Uxbridge

On Monday 17th February a girl’s only training day took place at Burton Uxbridge Table Tennis Club. There were twenty four girls in attendance from across the new Central Area.

In the morning session the players were challenged as the session was dedicated to Developing Forehand topspin with movement. All the players had a great attitude, work ethic and remained focused on developing this aspect of their games.

After a break for lunch the focused changed and the emphasis was on Serve and third ball attack but continuing to look for forehand topspin to reinforce the mornings work. To finish the day we held a short match play session and during the games the coaches noticed the overall quality of the forehand topspins had improved and this was passed onto the players at the end of the session.

A big thank you must go to the coaches Simon Price and Ed Freeman but also to practice partners Chloe Maull, Lewis Acton and Matthew Lear.

Helen Lower
February 25, 2014