Brighton Junior Table Tennis League – Leo in a league of his own

'Picture courtesy of The Argus'

Leo Assisi from Brighton City TT Club won the final event of the season to take the overall title in style. The Junior league was held through September to May, with many up and coming Table Tennis Juniors from all over Brighton & Hove taking part.


Band A was won by Leo with a close battle for runner up fought out by David Peringuer,  Paul Bergin and Emma Sheen from Hollingbury TT Club. Emma eventually came out on top to secure an overall 2nd place.

'Picture courtesy of The Argus'


Band B was a two horse race between Ashley Edwards and Brandon Duke with only 2 points separating them at the end of the season. Brandon just clinching it at the end!


Band C saw George Dale-Payne always in the lead but was pushed hard by Dan Couley-Stein who had to settle for 2nd place. A special mention goes to AJ Bennett who attended every event and performed very well through-out.

'Picture courtesy of The Argus'  

Challenge 21 –Sponsored Table Tennis Event


As part of the final Brighton Junior League evening, the local junior players had the opportunity to take on three of the best senior Table Tennis players in the country. International players, Craig Bryant, Ritchie Venner and Adam Proszko were challenged up to 21 points to raise money for local Hove Children’s Charity the Edward Starr Charitable Trust. The Challenge 21event raised over £300 pounds for children’s good causes.  

30 juniors took part in the Brighton Junior League  Hollingbury TTC have been working in partnership with Brighton City to create and run this event for juniors of all standards. We have held 7 of these events throughout the season and had a total of 75 juniors attend.. 


Whilst all the sponsorship money from the Challenge 21 competition hasn’t been handed in yet,  bsaed on latest info it looks like we are now on target to raise in excess of £400. The money is being donated to The Edward Starr Charitable Trust – a local children’s charity in Hove that supports, local, national and international projects. If there are any other club that would like to hold a similar event they can contact The Edward Starr Charitable Trust via their website  or contact Christine Wicks on 07982 250988. This is a great opportunity for clubs to run a fun event while supporting a worthwhile charity.


16 players took part in the Challenge 21 event.


Winners of the Challenge 21 event were:



Craig   – Kate Cheer (13 points)

Ritchie  – Paul Bergin  (13 points)

Adam   – Emma Sheen

Emma Sheen was awarded a gift voucher for raising the most sponsorship money

The youngsters clearly loved the event and it was a great opportunity for them to get the chance to play a top class player.


(all photo’s are courtesy of the Argus)

Craig Bryant
June 1, 2011