U11 – U14 East Region Qualifiers

Well done to the successful players who qualified for the National U11-U14 finals being held at Doncaster on the 31st May – 1st June weekend. ┬áThe East Region qualification event was held on 5th / 6th April at Stowupland High school, the home of Stowmarket Table Tennis Club. The Region are indebted to the club who allow their equipment to be used for this event and also held with set-up prior to the event. The draw was prepared and scheduled by Regional Chair Brian Davison and run over the two days of competition by the Norfolk team of Dennis and Margaret Calver, and Lindsey Dare. Sincere thanks to all these people who ensure the event runs and runs to time.

Well done to all the all the players who took part for providing some good competition and of course thanks to parents, coaches for providing the support and transport over the two days. It’s always a team effort!

Qualification for the National 11 to 14 Championship Finals will see 4 players for all boys events and U13 and U14 girls, with 3 players qualifying for U11 and U12 girls events. For all events 3 reserves are also advised through to the National organising team and they will be contacted if a space becomes available.

Dennis Calver Offers his congratulations to U11 winner Harry

Dennis Calver Offers his congratulations to U11 winner Harry

Under 11 Boys Under 11 Girls
1 Harry Boston 1 Alana Mansfield
2 William Bettley 2 Lucy Curtis
3 Luke Davis-Stokes 3 Samadhi Adamulla
4 Bradley Burgess 4 Chloe Pryke
5 Callum Barrett
6 Matthew Pryke
7 Daniel Zeffie
8 Alex Bettley
Under 12 Boys Under 12 Girls
1 Olly Salmon 1 Gracie Edwards
2 Sam Chesterman 2 Megan Allaway
3 Jack Leader 3 Alana Mansfield
4 Sam Hague 4 Samadhi Udamulla
5 Herbie Ross 5 Natasha Kent
6 Harry Boston
7 Casey Mansfield
8 Oscar Terrell
9 Rahul Jindal
10 Alfie Nicholls
Under 13 Boys Under 13 Girls
1 Olly Salmon 1 Gracie Edwards
2 James Kelly 2 Charlotte Marsden
3 Sam Chesterman 3 Anna Ridsdill-Smith
4 Jack Leader 4 Rebecca Barry
5 Sam Hague 5 Natasha Kent
6 Herbie Ross
7 Kian Burgess
8 James Davies-Stokes
9 Casey Mansfield
10 Josh Hallam
Under 14 Boys Under 14 Girls
1 Sam Hume 1 Charlotte Boston
2 George Coulson 2 Georgina Lister
3 James Kelly 3 Zoe Davis
4 Zach Martillo 4 Emily Brown
5 Jack Stockdale 5 Holly McGerty
6 Thomas Kent 6 Charlotte Marsden
7 Thomas Connolly
8 Kian Burgess
9 Daniel Shelly
10 Carl Breindel
John Andrews
April 11, 2014