Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust


On Tuesday 10th January 2012 ETTA Norfolk County Development Officer Mark Dare and Wensum TTC member Jordy Gabriel went into the office of the Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust in Tombland, Norwich to give a table tennis exhibition. 

Robbie Sendall set up the work club back in November 2011, and the club has an impressive 21 syndicate members. The members have all chipped in for the purchase of a table tennis table, bats and balls and a successful singles competition has already been held. Mark and Jordy were happy to offer a few tips and ideas to those present as well as inviting them to Wensum Table Tennis Club for some extra competition.

There were some great skills on show, including the infamous “Sendall Smash”, not something that is seen in the ETTA coaching manual!

Robbie would be interested in setting up some friendly matches against other offices in Norwich. Any companies interested in taking up the challenge?

Please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help arrange.

John Andrews
January 16, 2012